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Signature with AutoSignature

In the near future, all Social Security electronic procedures will be gradually adapted to the signature system using the Autosignature client application developed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. 

You can download the version of the Autosignature application compatible with your Operating System at the following link.

Compatibility table

Browser and operating system compatibility chart with AutoSignature

Windows systems: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Mac/OS systems: Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In the case of Internet Explorer, it should be noted that it only works with IE11. For this reason, the use of other browsers is recommended.

Attached documentation
Attached documentation
document name Publication date
Manual de Firma con Autofirma (PDF, 1550 Kb) 17/03/2022

Standardised Signature

Signature system based on the client launching a module called JNLP (Java Network Launch Protocol). This module will be downloaded when you start the signature process and will run associated with the Java Web Start program, so you must have the Java virtual machine installed in the system. It is widely compatible with the most famous browsers.

Compatibility table

Note: Firefox is only compatible with its 64 bit version, but it also requires the certificate to be installed in the Operating System certificate store so using other browsers is recommended.

NON-Standardised Signature Type 1

Note 1: This type of signature is not currently supported in the new version of Java 9.xx

Note 2: At the moment, this type of signature is not compatible with Firefox version 56 or higher  on 64-bit operating systems.

Compatibility table

Non-Standardised Signature Type 1 compatibility table

In the attached documentation you can download the Non-standardised signature type 1 manual.

NON-standardised signature type 2

Compatibility table

Non-Standardised Signature Type 2 compatibility table

Depending on the type of browser:

  • For Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:
    You must first install the application: CryptoBrowser. Below is the link for  download and the installation manual.
  • For Internet Explorer or Safari:
    The signature will follow the Non-standardised Type 1 system described above. Check the configuration requirements for this type of signature.

Cl@ve Signature

Note: This type of signature does not require any technical requirements.

Compatibility table

Cl@ve Signature compatibility table

Social Security is committed to an application development standardisation process. This means that various electronic signature systems are currently in use:

  • Already standardised applications, such as the one based on the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) or based on the cloud signature type belonging to the Permanent Cl@ve system.
  • Applications not yet standardised, which maintain the Java applet based signature system or which use signature extensions for browsers such as CryptoBrowser.

Check the following document to find out which type of signature each service uses.

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