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Modification of CL@VE registration. Renewal after 5 years of registration at high or advanced level

If you registered in the Cl@ve system in person at an office more than 5 years ago or you registered online with a digital certificate, your Cl@ve Firma certificate cannot be issued or renewed automatically, and therefore you will not be able to use it in electronic signature processes until you renew your registration. To do so, you must go to any of the Cl@ve registration offices again, or access the service with your electronic ID card (no other digital certificate is valid) Renew Cl@ve Firma high level registration with electronic ID card.

Cl@ve is a system designed to unify and simplify electronic access by citizens to public services. Its main objective is for citizens to identify themselves to the administration using an approved username and password, without having to remember different usernames and passwords to access different services.

This is a common platform for identification, verification and electronic signature, an interoperable and horizontal system that means public administrations do not have to implement and manage their own identification and signature systems, and citizens do not have to use different identification methods when dealing with government bodies online.

The Cl@ve system was approved in an Agreement of the Council of Ministers in its meeting of 19 September 2014, and its conditions of use are determined by the Directorate of Information and Communications Technology.

Cl@ve accepts two ways to use approved passwords:

  • Temporary Cl@ve (Cl@ve PIN ): a short-term password system for users who access services only occasionally, corresponding to the AEAT PIN24H system.
  • Permanent Cl@ve: a long-term (but not unlimited) password system for regular users. This corresponds to logins using a username and password, reinforced by single-use codes via SMS, for Social Security services. This will also be the system that allows citizens to access a signature in the cloud.

To set the password in this latter mode, you must first have an Activation Code, and, in order to obtain this code, you have to register in the system, either in person at any Cl@ve registration office, or electronically using an accepted digital certificate. This section describes the different services available related to Permanent Cl@ve for managing passwords and user activation or deregistration.

You can get more information at the Cl@ve official website

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