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  1. . Who is this service for?
  2. . What is the Social Security e-Office?
  3. . What services or procedures can I use?
  4. . Is it safe to use the e-Office services?
  5. . When can I use the e-Office?
  6. . What date and time is used to calculate deadlines?
  7. . Are procedures processed in the e-Office equally as valid as those processed in person?
  8. . How can I find out about e-Office news?
  9. . What is the Electronic Register for Applications?
  10. . How can I access procedures through the Electronic Register?
  11. . How can I tell if a procedure has been processed successfully?
  12. . What is an electronic signature?
  13. . What documents issued by Social Security can be verified by the Verification service for signatures and certificates?
  14. . What PDF documents issued by Social Security can be verified by the Verification service for reports using fingerprints?
  15. . What is a CEA code and how I can verify the authenticity of a document with this code?
  16. . Why can't I access SMS services?
  17. . I requested an Employment History Report without a digital certificate and it was not sent to my home. Why?
  18. . Can I become affiliated/disaffiliated as a self-employed worker?
  19. . How can I find out my Social Security contributions?
  20. . Can I become affiliated/disaffiliated or change data for a home worker?
  21. . On the end of the SILCON certificate in the e-Office
  22. . Mozilla Firefox shows a message indicating the connection is not verified
  23. . How do I obtain a certificate from the Spanish Royal Mint (FNMT-RCM)?
  24. . What is the FNMT-RCM root certificate?
  25. . How can I get a digital certificate?
  26. . What types of certificates exist?
  27. . If I have Chrome or Linux, how can I download the digital certificates?
  28. . How can digital certificates be imported and exported? Is there an instruction manual available?
  29. . Can I use my certificate installed on another computer?
  30. . How should I set my browser to be able to use my digital certificate in the Secure Electronic Office?
  31. . Can I protect my certificate on the browser?
  32. . Why am I not allowed to access with my digital certificate?
  33. . For what services or procedures can I use my electronic DNI card (DNIe)? Why does it not recognise my card?
  34. . What are the differences between "electronic signature" and "computer codes" when I try to check the authenticity of a report or certificate issued by Social Security?
  35. . Why am I not allowed to save the form I have filled in as a file for attachment?
  36. . How can I get the IZENPE certificate?
  37. . Can I have more than one digital certificate?
  38. . In which e-Office services or processes can the Legal Entity Certificate be used?
  39. . Can I access the same services or processes with any digital certificate?
  40. . Do I need to renew my digital certificate or is this automatic?
  41. . What is the validity period of digital certificates?
  42. . What is the ACGISS root certificate?
  43. . What is a ROOT certificate?
  44. . What is a Legal Entity certificate?
  45. . What is a certificate for an Individual?
  46. . What is a certifying body/certifying authority?
  47. . What is a digital certificate?
  48. . I am trying to enter with my electronic DNI, and I am told to use the service I need one of the certificates accepted by Social Security
  49. . Problems when trying to sign with Google Chrome
  50. . I have problems when trying to sign
  51. . I have several certificates installed, but when I close the application and open it again, it always takes the data from the same certificate, which is the first one I used.
  52. . What software do I need to access and sign e-Office services?
  53. . How can I see the Operating System of my computer? And the Java version?
  54. . How should I configure my computer?
  55. . How should my PC be configured to use e-Office services?
  56. . Problems unfolding certificates: after entering the correct electronic DNI number two copies of the certificates you want to export to the browser appear on screen, one for authentication and a separate one which is not operational
  57. . At which Social Security registry offices can I get a digital certificate for individuals?
  58. . Which digital certificates are acceptable at the e-Office?
  59. . I have successfully installed the certificate and gained access to other Websites, but some services with a certificate in the e-Office do not work
  60. . Why can't I complete an application process in the Electronic Register? Why does the process indicate that there is a transmission error?
  61. . Why is a download file of the report requested not generated? or Why does a window appear indicating YOUR REPORT IS BEING GENERATED?
  62. . Why is this error displayed if the data are correct? "Warning! Error on page 1. Please check the information on your application. If it is correct, you must sign the application, and if not you must return to the previous screen to correct it."
  63. . What actions are notified by electronic means?
  64. . How can I be sure I have received all the notifications published in the SEDESS?
  65. . Is it possible to act on behalf of third parties?
  66. . How are the legal effects of electronic notifications implemented?
  67. . What should I do if I experience a technical issue?
  68. . I have problems when trying to sign
  69. . What software do I need to access and sign my notifications?
  70. . How can I designate a third party to receive online notifications?
  71. . How can the interested party specify that they want notifications made exclusively available to them?
  72. . This text appears on the query screen when checking if there are notifications: “There are no notifications, but you may not be subscribed to this service”. What causes this?
  73. . If I already have a digital certificate, do I need to carry out any additional prior procedures in order to receive online notifications?
  74. . How many times can a party subscribe to and unsubscribe from the Voluntary Subscription Service procedures?
  75. . When do I start or stop receiving Online Notifications in the case of voluntary subscription to this notification system or unsubscribing from the service?
  76. . When will it become compulsory to receive notifications through the online notification system?
  77. . Will interested parties be sent any notice informing them that notifications are available in the e-Office?
  78. . Is there any way to recover the PDF document of a notification which is no longer available in the e-Office?
  79. . How long do online notifications remain in the e-Office to be signed or rejected?
  80. . What technical requirements must a computer meet in order to access and sign notifications?
  81. . How can I access the Voluntary Subscription and the Online Notification Consultation and Signing Services?
  82. . How can I check and access online notifications?
  83. . What procedures can the interested party register for through the Voluntary Subscription Service?
  84. . Who are the recipients of online notifications?
  85. . Can I receive notifications electronically if it is not compulsory for me to do so?
  86. . For whom is online notification compulsory?
  87. . What is the Online Notification Service?
  88. . What is Your Social Security?
  89. . What do I need to log into Your Social Security?
  90. . What is the Cl@ve username?
  91. . Can I access Your Social Security with my digital certificate?
  92. . I already have a username and password but it is not allowing me to log in.
  93. . When I try to log in, an error occurs
  94. . What services can I access through Your Social Security?
  95. . I am being alerted that there are incidents in my employment history contribution basis
  96. . I am making contributions in Passive Classes but I am being told that my retirement date cannot be calculated because I am not currently making Social Security contributions
  97. . How does the military service or alternative service provision period affect the pension calculation and how can I add it?
  98. . Does the retirement calculator calculate a net or gross amount?
  99. . How does the retirement calculator complete the pension base rate gap integration?
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