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Data transfer for Public Administrations



The following services will be restructured:

  • Service A003 becomes service "A103 - STATUS/WORKING LIFE OF SELF-EMPLOYED WORKERS".
  • Services A004 and A006 are replaced by service A106 - STATUS/WORKING LIFE EMPLOYED EMPLOYEES.

Users with access permission to service A003 shall have access to service A103 and users with access permission to services A004 and A006 shall have access to service A106.

As of 1 October, no new applications will be processed for services A003, A004 and A006.

During the month of October, users will be able to use both the services to be removed and the new services. On 31 October 2022 , services A003, A004 and A006 shall be discontinued, after which date only services A103 and A106 shall be accessible.

The Attached Documentation section includes a new document - Social Security General Treasury Services File Format -with the format of all Social Security General Treasury services in force as of 1 October,

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  • Online Query (R002)
  • Data Transfer for Public Administrations: Authorisation, registration and deregistration of users and change of data
  • File status query
  • Receipt of Files
  • Sending Files
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