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This service allows the TGSS to transfer certain data needed by other Public Administration Departments and Bodies to perform their duties, subject to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December (BOE 14/12) and Law 40/2015 of 1 October, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector; the request must be made via a form to be filled in on screen and the response received in a pdf file.

About this procedure

Who it is for

  • Entities and Bodies with legal status, with the exception of the Central Administration of the ARs, which can grant said powers to the regional Ministries or Bodies of a similar rank, and the General State Administration, which can grant said powers to bodies of ranks no lower than Directorate General.

What you can do

Depending on the type of information you wish to obtain, it needs to be requested from one or a number of the following data transfer services.
For the TGSS:

  • R002 - Report of Having Paid Social Security Contributions: Information service where organisations can enquire whether third parties are in arrears with their Social Security payments.

What you need to do it

Public Administration Departments and Bodies must get approval to access the data transfer services, and their civil servants or employees must have the respective access permits to file requests on the behalf of their Administration or Body.

Please note

To request the data transfer services, you need to indicate the object and purpose of the information you wish to obtain (awarding of grants and subsidies, tender procedures or administrative contracts, tax collection, etc.), specifying the purpose of each item if it is not common to all of them, regardless of what else is required in each of the information request files.

If the object and purpose later change, this must be reported to the Entity responsible for the service provided.

The Electronic Authentication Code (CEA) code can be found in the footer of the report obtained. You can use this to check the authenticity of the document through the Documentary Integrity Verification Service.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

El acceso a este servicio estará habilitado únicamente cuando se identifique como persona física

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