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A continuación, se ofrecen las respuestas a aquellas consultas más frecuentes referidas a la Sede Electrónica de la Seguridad Social.Acceso al Buzón de Consultas de la Seguridad Social

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  1. . Who is this service for?
  2. . What is the Social Security e-Office?
  3. . What services or procedures can I use?
  4. . Is it safe to use the e-Office services?
  5. . When can I use the e-Office?
  6. . What date and time is used to calculate deadlines?
  7. . Are procedures processed in the e-Office equally as valid as those processed in person?
  8. . How can I find out about e-Office news?
  9. . What is the Electronic Register for Applications?
  10. . How can I access procedures through the Electronic Register?
  11. . How can I tell if a procedure has been processed successfully?
  12. . What is an electronic signature?
  13. . What documents issued by Social Security can be verified by the Verification service for signatures and certificates?
  14. . What PDF documents issued by Social Security can be verified by the Verification service for reports using fingerprints?
  15. . What is a CEA code and how I can verify the authenticity of a document with this code?
  16. . Why can't I access SMS services?
  17. . I requested an Employment History Report without a digital certificate and it was not sent to my home. Why?
  18. . Can I become affiliated/disaffiliated as a self-employed worker?
  19. . How can I find out my Social Security contributions?
  20. . Can I become affiliated/disaffiliated or change data for a home worker?
  21. . What information does the service provide me with? What is the status of my benefit? after submitting my application over the TESOL system?
  22. . On the end of the SILCON certificate in the e-Office
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