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Signature and certificate verification service < Go back

Service for verifying digital signatures on files signed by this system.

About this procedure

Who it is for

For all citizens.

What it allows to be verified

Verify the authenticity and integrity of files signed with certificates generated by Social Security in PDF, XAdES, CAdES and PKCS#7 formats.

What is necessary to complete a verification

  • A browser that is compatible with Java applets.
  • Java Virtual Machine installed.
  • Be in possession of the file that you wish to verify, as you will be carrying out the verification on your computer.

Please note

The aim of the signatures and certificates verification service is to check electronic signatures on documents issued by the Social Security, so that any citizen can verify their authenticity and integrity.

The service is offered to verify files signed with certificates generated by Social Security (PDF, XAdES, CAdES and PKCS#7 formats). This means it can verify documents signed with SILCON certificates and with certificates issued by theSocial Security IT Department Certification Authority  (ACGISS), specifically, certificates with digital stamps for automated administrative procedures and public employees. Also, the timestamping associated with the documents is validated, for those cases where it is necessary to check the date of each of the signatures.

In the case of PDF documents generated by Social Security, you can also verify the signature from your computer. To do this, you need to configure Adobe Acrobat Reader beforehand to trust the Social Security Certificate Authority root certificate. For this purpose we have provided Instructions for verifying electronically signed PDF documents.


To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

Attached documentation
Attached documentation
document name Publication date
Instructions for validating digitally signed PDF documents (PDF, 1211 Kb) 16/05/2017
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