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Using this service the validity of the electronic fingerprint on a Worker Payroll List (RNT) can be verified. It also allows the information contained in the RNT to be verified with respect the workers contained therein.

About this procedure

Who it is for

For any citizen, employer or professional.

What you can do

  • For verification, by third parties, of  the electronic fingerprint on a Payroll List of Workers in a payment. The service will verify both that the fingerprint is correct and that it corresponds with a confirmed and valid payment. It will not provide information on  payments that have been cancelled or rectified.
  • Optionally, for obtaining information on file in the TGSS database for one of the workers included in the Worker Payroll List, in order to collate it with the data from the document in possession of the user.

What you need to do it

The user must have the Worker Payroll List, whose authenticity and data they intend to verify, as the service is going to require them to provide a series of data from said document.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

Attached documentation
Attached documentation
document name Publication date
Manual for the service verifying the workers in a payment (PDF, 1357 Kb) 21/09/2018
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