You can carry out your procedures using the services of this electronic Headquarters  and the Electronic Register. If you do not have an electronic means of authentication,  you can also submit your applications for benefits, health care, affiliation, contribution or collection and sea workers here.

MINIMUM SUBSISTENCE INCOME: Simulator Check whether you are eligible for this benefit and how much you are entitled to.

IMV information telephone number: 900 20 22 22. Access to the Minimum Living Income application form.

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  • Nuevo sistema de cotización para autónomos 2023

  • WE HELP YOU Log in for all your Social Security queries and procedures.

  • ISM in your pocket The App for seafarers.

  • Civil Servants ivil Servants Managing formalities related to Civil Servant pensions and benefits.

  • Citizens All the information, services and processes that you need.

  • Companies Access to services of interest for companies and professionals.

  • Administrations and Mutual Societies Administrations and Mutual Societies

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