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Automatic calculation of special agreements < Go back

Using this service you can calculate from your own computer the approximate amount of the special agreement you want to sign.

About this procedure

Who it is for

People who are requesting a special agreement.

What you can do

Immediately obtain the approximate amount of the monthly contribution of the special agreement you  intend to sign,  as well as the total estimated cost during the period indicated for its term.

What you need to do this

With a user-friendly programme, enter the details regarding:

  • First name and surname(s)* 
  • DNI*
  • Social Security Number *
  • Date of birth *
  • Start date of the agreement
  • Expected end date of the agreement
  • Contribution Basis of the last twelve months

* (optional)

After entering this information, you can obtain the average basis, select the contribution basis chosen for the special agreement, indicate whether you are receiving unemployment benefit and whether you wish to revaluate the contribution basis.

Please note

The special agreement self-calculation programme uses only the information entered by the user, so that the result obtained cannot in any way lead to Social Security entitlement or obligations.

It is the user who directly controls the current maximum and minimum contribution bases and they are not validated by the programme.

This programme contains expected updated basis rates, set at 2%.

This version will be renewed annually to include new contribution base update indices and, at any event, whenever changes are made to the governing regulations that imply changes to the data included.

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