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Your Social Security Portal

  1. . What is Your Social Security?
  2. . What do I need to log into Your Social Security?
  3. . What is the Cl@ve username?
  4. . Can I access Your Social Security with my digital certificate?
  5. . I already have a username and password but it is not allowing me to log in.
  6. . When I try to log in, an error occurs
  7. . What services can I access through Your Social Security?
  8. . I am being alerted that there are incidents in my employment history contribution basis
  9. . I am making contributions in Passive Classes but I am being told that my retirement date cannot be calculated because I am not currently making Social Security contributions
  10. . How does the military service or alternative service provision period affect the pension calculation and how can I add it?
  11. . Does the retirement calculator calculate a net or gross amount?
  12. . How does the retirement calculator complete the pension base rate gap integration?
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