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Citizens with activation codes may create their own password and activate their username using this service.

About this procedure

Who it is for

All citizens who wish to access the electronic services available through the Cl@ve permanent verification system (user name and password).

What you can do

Using this service, citizens can activate their Permanent Cl@ve user account and create their own password.

What you need to do it

To activate a Permanent Cl@ave user account you must access the User activation service where the user will be asked to enter their username (DNI or NIE number), their email address (as additional checking data) and the activation code provided during the registration process. To make the process more secure, a simple question is also asked to make sure you are a real person (captcha).

If the data is correct, the system will send the user an SMS with a single-use numerical code (One Time Password, OTP) to be typed in the field of the form. If successful, the system will allow you to set a password of your choice, provided it meets the minimum security standards. This password can now be used whenever an e-government service requires it.

Please note

All fields marked with (*) are required.

The password must comply with a series of minimum conditions:

  • It must not contain any part of your name or DNI number.
  • It must be at least 8 characters long and may contain as many characters as necessary.
  • If the password is under 16 characters long it must have at least 3 of these 4 elements: at least one upper-case letter, at least one lower-case letter, at least one number or at least one of the following characters: ¡!$€%&@/\\()=?¿*[];,:._-+<>

If the activation code is entered incorrectly more than 5 times, the system will report this and the next attempt will be blocked. In this case it will be necessary to generate a new activation code in person at any registry office or online using a digital certificate.

If the OTP code is entered incorrectly more than 3 times, this will be reported and you must once again start the User activation procedure from the beginning.

If you are having any problems with this service, please contact 060.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

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