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14 / 07 / 2024 06:40 (GMT +01)
Calendar of the e-Office

Article 26.5 of Law 11/2007 of 22 June, on citizens’ electronic access to public services, specifies that each electronic office that offers an electronic registration service shall determine which days are to be considered non-working days for the purposes stated in the foregoing sections, based on the territorial area in which said duties are carried out.

Access to the working calendar of non-working days for the current year

Official date and time:

Article 26.1 of Law 11/2007, of 22 June, on electronic access for the general public to public services, indicates that "for the purposes of calculating periods or instalments applicable to the interested party or to Public Administrations, electronic registers will use the official date and time of the e-Office accessed, which must have the necessary security measures to ensure their integrity, and display them clearly".

Similarly, article 6.2 j) of Royal Decree 1671/2009, of 6 November 2009, partly implementing the above Law, establishes that e-offices will indicate the official date and time for the purposes set out in article 26.1 of Law 11/2007.

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