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This service allows you to amend Temporary Disability, Work-Related Injury/Occupational Disease, Cessation of Activity and Mutual Society coverage details for the coming year.

About this procedure

Who it is for

Affiliated persons and employers who have registered contribution account codes or Social Security registration numbers.

  • Affiliated persons: can log in using the Cl@ve service (username and password), or using a digital certificate.
  • Employers: can log in using the Cl@ve service (username and password), or using a digital certificate.
  • Companies: can log in using a digital certificate.

What you can do

Amend coverage details for the upcoming year (Temporary Disability, Work-Related Injury/Occupation Disease and Cessation of Activity, as well as request a change of the partnering Mutual Society.

What you need to do it

Be registered.

Please note

In the event of requesting change of Mutual Society Coverage for the upcoming year and, at the time of the request, the concerned party has another non-INSS or non-ISM Mutual Society, they will need to comply with the regulations in force at the time and terminate, where appropriate, the accession document with the current Mutual Society where they have their coverage. If it is not done by the current Mutual Society, the requested change may be denied.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

El acceso a este servicio estará habilitado únicamente cuando se identifique como persona física

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