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Through this service you will be able to obtain and/or consult a report containing your history as a Social Security affiliate online, indicating the Schemes in which you have been registered and the periods that have generated the right to the application of reduction coefficients for retirement age, as well as the calculation of the reduction coefficient that corresponds to you on the date it was obtained.

About this procedure

Who it is for

Citizens who have generated a reduction coefficient for retirement age period during their working life.

What you can do

  • Consult the COE calculation 
  • Obtain and download or print the COE Report

What you need to do it

It is not necessary to provide any additional documents for processing.

Please note

Data entered on the form must match those included in our databases. If they are not the same, receipt of the report will not be possible.

You can consult the COE calculation online and obtain and/or print the COE report.

This report is for information purposes only and does not confer any rights or entitlements in your favour.  If you find any of the information appears incorrect or you wish to make any clarification, you can contact the Provincial or Local Directorate of the ISM closest to where you live. Any change in your employment status may alter the content of this information.

Next steps

The certificate obtained is a .pdf file, of which printed copies can be obtained and which contains the CEA code (Electronic Authentication Code) with which you can check its authenticity by going to the Documentation Integrity Verification Service.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

El acceso a este servicio estará habilitado únicamente cuando se identifique como persona física

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