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This pre-appointment service IS NOT FOR PROCEDURES RELATED TO MINIMUM VITAL INCOME, it is only for procedures with the Social Marine Institute. If you request an appointment for the Minimum Vital Income in this service, YOU WILL NOT BE ASSISTED and will prevent another citizens from being able to carry out their procedures at the Social Marine Institute. Please be responsible.
If you wish, you can also make an appointment by telephone by calling these numbers, with operating hours from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00.

With this service you can make an appointment for procedures at Social Marine Institute offices open to the public (Social Marine Institute).

About this procedure

Who it is for

All citizens who wish to make an appointment for procedures managed by the Social Marine Institute.

What you can do

Make an appointment for procedures managed by the Social Marine Institute.

What you need to do it

Complete the information as the electronic form requests it.

Please note

If you want to make an appointment for a medical examination for sea service you must use the specific service for that appointment.

Remember that, in addition to at our offices, we can assist you at:

  • Online channel (services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • By telephone calling the provincial or local Social Marine Institutes listed in the Directory of Social Security offices.
  • To fill in the form correctly, please note:
    • Fields marked with * are obligatory.
    • The form for “Making an appointment” involves various steps in which the details necessary to arrange the appointment must be entered.
    • You must select the service that best suits the reason you want to access our offices.
    • If you do not get an appointment at the office where you wish to be assisted, you can arrange your visit to another Social Marine Institute centre.

Next steps

You will receive a notice with the details of your appointment.
Once you have been given an appointment, you should attend the selected centre on the indicated day and time.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

El acceso a este servicio estará habilitado únicamente cuando se identifique como persona física

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