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Using this service, you can grant powers of attorney for procedures and groups of procedures included in one or more matters.

About this procedure

Who it is for

Individuals or legal persons and Entities without legal personality wishing to grant specific powers of attorney to act in the ambit of Social Security.

What you can do

Allows the principal to grant powers of attorney to individuals or legal persons for one or more procedures that fall within one or more of the matters in the ambit of social security.

What you need to do it

You need to have the NIF/NIE, name and surname or company name and e-mail of the proxy.

Please note

Power of attorney to carry out procedures means that separate powers of attorney are granted for each selected grouping of procedures in one or more matters. If you wish to grant a power of attorney for all the procedures of a subject or a general power of attorney for Social Security, use the Power of Attorney by subject service.
Powers of attorney in the Registry shall be valid for a maximum period of five years, although the validity of the power of attorney may be amended (extended or reduced) through the Amend the powers of attorney term service.

Next steps

Where granting powers of attorney to legal persons, it will be necessary for them to electronically sign the responsible declaration within one month, provided that they have not previously done so .
In powers of attorney  granted to receive online/phone communications or notifications, the authorised person must expressly accept these powers of attorney within a maximum period of one month for them to be effective.

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