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    Who is this service for?

    For all citizens and companies that want to or must interact with Social Security via the Internet.

    What is the Social Security e-Office?

    This is a website enabling members of the public and companies to manage their Social Security procedures online, and is fully owned, managed and administered by Social Security, the administrative body, for exercising its responsibilities.

    What services or procedures can I use?

    Depending on the profile, citizen or company, and according to the Social Security affiliation regime, you will have access to presenting documentation by Electronic Register, receiving Electronic Notifications, obtaining Digital Certificates and other previously presence-based services.

    Is it safe to use the e-Office services?

    Communication between the citizen/company and the e-Office is secure. All information transferred is encrypted, and Digital Certificates guarantee the identity of both parties. Personal data sent via the Internet are encrypted and, once they are saved in the Social Security systems, we use the means necessary to protect them according to the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and its implementing regulations.

    When can I use the e-Office?

    You can access the e-Office and process procedures 24 hours a day/365 days a year*. It is important to note that for procedures with deadlines, those completed on non-working days will count as from the next working day.

    *Some e-Office services may not be available during certain times due to technical maintenance.

    What date and time is used to calculate deadlines?

    To calculate the deadlines of any procedure that requires the submission of documents, the official date and time of the e-Office, and not those of the computer used, will have legal effect. For this purpose, we will use the end of the procedure, when the person signs the request and/or documents and receives the relevant receipt.

    You can access the “official Date and Time” section from the bottom menu of the main page of the e-Office.

    Are procedures processed in the e-Office equally as valid as those processed in person?

    Yes, procedures processed via the e-Office have the same validity as those processed in person.

    How can I find out about e-Office news?

    The RSS Social Security e-Office Updates feed can be added to the browser. (To subscribe, click on "Subscribe to this feed"). The RSS system (Rich Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication) allows you to easily receive the information published in the Social Security e-Office at no cost.

    What is the Electronic Register for Applications?

    The Social Security Electronic Register for Applications is only available for submitting applications related to the procedures listed in Appendix I of the current resolution, which are addressed to Social Security bodies.

    How can I access procedures through the Electronic Register?

    All the procedures that you can apply for electronically can be found in “Citizens” and “Companies”, in the different categories in each of these sections. They are highlighted with a logo.
    Icon identifying the Electronic Registration process

    The description includes the information necessary for submitting an application. The list of all procedures you can apply for through the Electronic Register can be found in the Appendix to the Resolution published in the section Regulations and Legislation / Electronic Register Regulations.

    How can I tell if a procedure has been processed successfully?

    Once the procedure is processed, the user will see a register number and date on the screen, and will receive an attached PDF document with the request receipt and signature of the server that guarantees that the transaction has been processed correctly. This same message is sent by e-mail to the address provided. If you do not receive this confirmation message or, where appropriate, you receive an error or faulty transfer message, you must submit the request at another time or using other means.

    What is an electronic signature?

    An electronic signature is a series of data, in electronic format, assigned or associated with others and that can be used to identify the signatory. It is a string of characters generated with a mathematical algorithm, obtained using variables such as the private key and digital fingerprint of the text to be signed so as to ensure the identity of the signatory and integrity of the message.

    What documents issued by Social Security can be verified by the Verification service for signatures and certificates?

    The verification service for signatures and certificates can validate the various PDFs signed by Social Security, whether it is by the TRACI@ss service, Social Security Online Notifications (NOTESS) or any other service issuing a PDF signature, as long as the signatures follow PDFSignature standards. It can also validate other documents in XML and binary format as long as they comply with CAdES standards.

    What PDF documents issued by Social Security can be verified by the Verification service for reports using fingerprints?

    Currently only the Certificate of having paid Social Security contributions.

    What is a CEA code and how I can verify the authenticity of a document with this code?

    CEA is an Electronic Authentication Code used for validating the authenticity of documents issued by Social Security using this code. To check its authenticity, the Service for document integrity verification is available in which you must enter the Document Verification Code, the date of the CEA code generation and its groups required by the application, without the need for a digital certificate.

    Why can't I access SMS services?

    In order to access these services, you must have provided the Social Security General Treasury with a mobile phone number for communication purposes, via theTelephone and email communication service, or by visiting a Social Security Administration Office.

    Also, the details requested on the form have to be exactly the same as those in the Social Security Database, and meet the other technical requirements.

    I requested an Employment History Report without a digital certificate and it was not sent to my home. Why?

    When the request is made, a reference number is generated that should be saved in order to view the status of the report, which can be accessed at "Check Report request status" by filling in your identification data and the reference number.

    This service shall indicate whether the employment history report has been sent or not. The reason that it has not been sent is that the address provided in the request does not correspond to the one in the Social Security database (for security reasons the report is not sent); to solve this problem, you should visit an administration office and update your address.

    This report can also be obtained, printed and/or consulted immediately on request through digital certificate access via SMS if you have already provided the Social Security General Treasury with your mobile phone number and through the Username/password - permanent Cl@ve access, if you have activated your user account and generated the password. To do this you must have an Activation Code which can be obtained in person at any Social Security office nationwide.

    Can I become affiliated/disaffiliated as a self-employed worker?

    In the e-Office you can request registration or deregistration or to change data in the Special self-employed worker scheme.


    How can I find out my Social Security contributions?

    Depending on the contribution scheme, two services are offered allowing you to obtain a report with the contribution basis/payments made over a given period.

    If accessed without a digital certificate you can fill in a request form to send via post to the address stored in the Social Security General Treasury database.

    Can I become affiliated/disaffiliated or change data for a home worker?

    Yes, two procedures will be necessary:

    The documents to attach and the procedure are detailed in the services. The forms must be completed and attached. Consult possible problems in saving the PDF of the form in "Technical Questions” in this section.

    What information does the service provide me with? What is the status of my benefit? after submitting my application over the TESOL system?

    Once an application has been submitted via the TESOL, you can consult its progress using the "What is the status of my benefit?" service. Applications submitted via TESOL are automatically registered on the Social Security systems; however, the attached documentation must be subsequently verified by an agent. Therefore, the information provided by the "What is the status of my benefit?" service is as follows:

    • If, as part of the application, a  document has been submitted: "Application pending verification of the documentation submitted as attachments by the applicant."
    • If, as part of the application, no document has been submitted but the submission of documentation was necessary: "Application incomplete due to lack of essential documentation."
    • If no documentation has been submitted as none was required: "The application is being processed."

    On the end of the SILCON certificate in the e-Office

    From 17 September 2016 onwards, you will no longer be able to access e-Office services with a SILCON certificate. To access e-Office services, users can use the other forms of access available. You can consult the information on Digital certificates for details of those issued by the Social Security and those accepted by other Certification Authorities, as well as theList of accepted certificates.

    If you are a RED system user, go to the information available on the Website.

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