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    Certificates issued by the Social Security Certification Authority

    Public Administration Certificates - ACGISS

    For identification and automated Social Security services, as well as to enable electronic actions by public civil servants, the Social Security IT Department Certification Authority (ACGISS) issues electronic certificates governed by Law 11/2007, on Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services.

    These certificates are only issued internally within the Social Security, and are not intended for the general public.

    The certificates issued by ACGISS for the Public Administration are recognised according to the provisions of Law 59/2003, on Electronic Signatures, and are registered as such with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

    Further information:

    Certificates for those for whom the Social Security acts as the Registration Authority

    User Certificate (FNMT-RCM Class 2 CA - individual)

    For citizens to have access to most of the services offered by the Social Security. To download this certificate, which is provided by the Spanish National Mint, follow this procedure.

    To find out more information on this certificate please see the frequently asked questions.

    Guide for obtaining a User Certifcate (individual).

    More information on User Certificates on the Spanish National Mint website.

    Digital Certificate Register Offices

    List of Digital Certificate Register Offices of the Social Security in the different Autonomous Regions for obtaining digital certificates. Only for individuals.

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