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Afiliación, Inscripción y Modificaciones

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  • Affiliation Statistics
  • Accreditation of not being registered as an entrepreneur
  • CCC allocation and registration for collective employers
  • CCC allocation and registration for individual employers
  • Cessation of domestic employment
  • Cessation of self-employment
  • Change of contribution basis - self-employment work
  • Change of telephone number and email address of the employer
  • Deletion of previous registration/de-registration of workers in the Special System for Domestic Employees
  • Low income base due to pluriactivity in self-employment application
  • Modification of employment data in domestic employment
  • Modification of self-employed activity
  • Modification of self-employed status
  • Modification of the collaborating mutual insurance company and self-employment cover
  • Registration of domestic employment
  • Registration of self-employment
  • Attach documentation of self-employment
  • Changes to details of special agreements
  • Changes to details of special agreements through Employment Adjustment Plan
  • Changes to details of the Contribution Account Code.
  • Employer's Termination of Affiliation
  • Expatriate Workers. TA.300
  • Registration in a special agreement
  • Resumption of Business Activity
  • Special Agreement Registration through Employment Adjustment Plan
  • Special agreement deregistration through Employment Adjustment Plan.
  • Withdrawal from special agreement
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