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Through this service you can request the declaration of insolvency to be reported by the Insolvency Administration to the Social Security Treasury General.

About this procedure

Who is it for

For people interested in receiving information regarding the declaration of insolvency.

What can you do

Communication via the Electronic Register by the insolvency administration to the Social Security Treasury General declaring a state of insolvency.

What do I need to do

  • Edit the online form; it is not necessary to complete any forms to be sent later.
  • The attaching of any documentation (declaration of insolvency order or any other original documentation deemed useful) may be carried out via the screens of the form.

Please remember

If you are logging in with a Username + Password (permanent Cl@ve), in order to guarantee a higher level of security, you will be sent an SMS to the mobile number that you provided at the time of registration. You will need to enter the code sent in the SMS in the login section.

The specific instructions for filling out the form can be found on the form itself by placing the cursor over the field you would like to find more information about.

The total size of the documents to be attached must not exceed 10 Mb.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

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