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Through this service, you can obtain, print and/or consult online duplicate copies of the documents corresponding to your registration/deregistration resolutions in the Special Scheme for self-employed workers.

About this procedure

Who is it for

Workers in a registered/deregistered situation in the Special Scheme for self-employed workers.

What can you do

  • Immediately view and consult a duplicate of the documents with the resolution of the registration/deregistration in this Special Scheme.
  • Download in PDF.
  • Print.

Please remember

When accessing this service, you should consider the following guidelines:

  • The initial data screen shows the data identifying the applicant, which cannot be changed.
  • Applicants must select one of the two options to indicate whether they are requesting a duplicate of a registration or deregistration.
  • You can then enter the date of the registration or deregistration for which you want to generate a duplicate resolution.
  • If the data entered is incorrect, an error message will appear.
  • If the data entered is correct, click "Next" to see a new screen with a message to issue the duplicate of the resolution of the registration or deregistration. It is recommended that you save the PDF before printing in case you encounter a problem while printing.
  • Finally, after clicking "Next" a duplicate copy of the resolution will be generated.
  • The Electronic Authenticity Code (CEA) in the footer of the certificate can be used to confirm  its authenticity through the Document Integrity Verification Service.


To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

Access the Service

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