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For technical reasons, the service only works with a physical person's digital certificate. We are working to solve the incident with the digital certificate of a legal entity. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Company certificates for start of mandatory and/or voluntary leave  for the birth and care of a minor benefit can only be sent from the day leave starts. Otherwise, it may not be certified

You can use this service to request Birth and Care of a Minor benefit, to enjoy the applicable work leave period for birth, adoption, custody for adoption, and permanent foster care or temporary foster care for a period over one year.

About this procedure

Who it is for

Workers taking legally established periods of leave for childbirth, adoption or foster care who want to apply for  Birth and Care of a Minor benefits.

What you can do

  • Submit application for the Birth and Care of a Minor benefit.
  • Apply for the benefit over multiple periods.
  • Attach  documentation.

What you need to do it

  • Include the applicable information.
  • Attach the documents indicated.

Please note

After filling in the form, you will be told which documents are to be submitted and it will be possible to upload them.

Next steps

Once the process has been completed, you will receive a “proof of receipt” in PDF format.

If you do not receive the confirmation message, or if you receive an error or failed sending message, you should resubmit the application at another time or use other channels.

The Spanish National Social Security Institute will adopt the corresponding resolution, which will be exclusively issued electronically and made available via the Telematic Notifications service. In order to access and sign your telematic notifications, you need to have a Digital Certificate or permanent cl@ve. In the following link you will find the instructions to apply for this certificate, either as a natural person or as a representative: https://www.cert.fnmt.es/. To obtain your permanent cl@ve user, you can find information at: https://clave.gob.es/.  The cl@ve registration level for the use of the Notification register is advanced.

You can check the status of your benefit application using the “Your Procedures” section of the personal portal “Your Social Security”, which can be accessed from the e-Office.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

El acceso a este servicio estará habilitado únicamente cuando se identifique como persona física o entidad

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