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This service allows you to submit applications for the annual call for grants to provide for the first-aid kits vessels must be equipped with.

About this procedure

Who it is for

For employers of vessels duly registered or flagged in Spain, for maritime or fishing navigation, included in the scope of application of Royal Decree 258/1999, of 12 February, which establishes the minimum conditions for heath protection and medical care for seafarers, and amended by Royal Decree 568/2011, of 20 April, governed by the provision of Order ESS/2542/2014, of 5 December.


What you can do

  • Complete an Electronic Register application.
  • Download and attach an application form.

What you need to do it

  • Fill in and attach the application form.
  • Have software that enables you to fill in and save the application to be attached.
  • Be one of the beneficiaries included in Order ESS/2542/2014, of 5 December, which establishes the base rate for awarding grants for the first-aid kits vessels must be equipped with.
  • Meet the requirements established in the resolution of the relevant call.

Please note

The service allows you to submit the application pnly. Other documentation necessary for processing will be submitted at the Provincial or Local Directorates of the Social Marine Institute where the vessel that requires help for the first-aid kit has assigned its contribution account code, notwithstanding the provisions of article 38.4 of Law 30/1992, of 26 November.

Next steps

Once you have completed the procedure you will receive "proof of receipt" (zip) comprising the application receipt in PDF format and the server signature that guarantees that the transaction was completed correctly.
If you do not receive the confirmation message, or if you receive an error or failed sending message, you should  resubmit the application at another time or use other means.

Applications received will be processed by the Provincial Directorates of the Social Marine Institute where the vessel has assigned its contribution account code.

The interested parties will be notified of the issued proposal for the final resolution, providing a period of ten days to submit appeals.

Having examined the appeals submitted by the interested parties, the final resolution will be formulated.

The Director of the Social Marine Institute will issue a reasoned resolution, expressly noting, if applicable, that the remaining applications have been rejected.

The maximum period for resolving and notifying the selection procedure will be six months from the deadline for submitting applications.

Payment will be made to the current account included in the application.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

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