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This service allows you to apply, via Electronic Register, for Reimbursement of Medical Assistance Expenses for workers on board in the Special Scheme for Sea Workers, when the vessel is in a foreign port.

About this procedure

Who it is for

Companies registered in the REM, as a result of Healthcare for REM workers on board, when the vessel is in a foreign port, pursuant to Order of 19 November 1997, establishing the maximum and minimum reimbursements (BOE 285, 28.11.1997).

What you can do

  • Complete an Electronic Register application for the reimbursement of expenses paid by the employer for medical assistance of REM workers on board, when the vessel is in a foreign port, in the following cases:
    • Medical assistance for common contingencies.
    • Work-related injury and occupational disease when these contingencies are covered by the Social Marine Institute.
  • Attach documentation.

What you need to do it

  • Submit the application and a certified copy of the documents supporting the expense within 6 months after the assistance ends. The Provincial Directorate of the ISM will require the original documents.
    • Supporting documents according to the reimbursement requested: Invoice for evacuation to port, invoice of the Hospital or Clinic, invoices for other services or treatments, prescriptions issued by pharmacies indicating the products dispensed, schedules of Fees paid to doctors, airline ticket invoices, others.
  • Company details: Company name, social security no., address, vessel name and its list/registration/folio. Details of the legal representative, where applicable: Full name, DNI/NIE/Passport.
  • Details of the worker attended: Full name, date of birth, address, social security affiliation no. Details of the Medical Assistance provided for which reimbursement has been requested: Assistance start and end date, town/city and country where it was provided, amount paid for the assistance, currency.

Please note

If you are logging in with a Username + Password (permanent Cl@ve), in order to guarantee a higher level of security, you will be sent a code via SMS to the mobile number that you provided at the time of registration. You must enter this code in order to sign the communication in the electronic register.

The total size of the documents to be attached may not exceed 10 Mb.

The medical assistance object of reimbursement must be included in Royal Decree 1030/2006, of 15 September.

Expenses will not be reimbursed in the following cases:

  • When mandatory requirements are not met.
  • When the company uses services other than those assigned, whether because the Social Marine Institute has sufficient own or contracted services, or because the assistance is included in the scope of application of International Social Security Conventions.

Next steps

Once the process has been completed, you will receive a “proof of receipt” in PDF format.

If you do not receive the confirmation message, or if you receive an error or failed sending message, you should  resubmit the application at another time or use other means.

Resolution of the application with a reasoned report from the Health at Sea Centre (in the case of repatriation). Notification of the interested party by post with proof of receipt.

Payment of the reimbursement of the expenses in the account included in the application, if appropriate.

The interested party may get information on the status of the application by calling the Provincial Directorate of the Social Marine Institute processing the case.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

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