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This service allows you to obtain a single document containing reports on the pensions received (summary, itemised amount, no amounts, IRPF and revaluation) or, where appropriate, stopped or suspended pensions, the negative report of the pensioner or for the beneficiaries of reductions.

About this procedure

Who it is for

People who receive a benefit from the Social Security System or a third-party entity that is part of the Register of Public Social Services, as well as people who do not receive a Social Security pension or a third-party pension.

What you can do

Obtain a single document with the following reports, according to the information of the interested party that we have:

  • Summary report of benefits
  • Itemised report of benefits
  • Report of benefits without amounts
  • IRPF report
  • Pension revaluation report
  • Report on stopped or suspended pensions.
  • Negative pension report
  • Report for beneficiaries of reductions

Once downloaded, you can save or print all of the reports or the report you need.

What you need to do it

The interested party must complete the data requested on the form.

Please note

It is not necessary to provide any additional documents for processing.

This report does not include financial benefits relating to temporary disability, maternity, paternity, risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding, loans for the care of minors affected by cancer or other serious illnesses.

Data entered on the form must match those included in our databases. If they are not the same, receipt of the report will not be possible.

Accessing this service and voluntarily entering your mobile phone number implies your authorisation for Social Security to send you SMS messages regarding this or other future informative purposes.

The Consolidated benefits report contains a unique Electronic Authentication Code to access the content of the full report.

Next steps

The report obtained consists of a .pdf file, copies of which can be printed, which contains a unique CEA code (Electronic Authentication Code) that can be used to check the certificate's authenticity via the Document Integrity Verification Service.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

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