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You can use this service to consult statistical data on contributory pension records and family benefits paid regularly by the Social Security System.

About this procedure

Who it is for

For all citizens.

What it allows to be verified

Statistical data consultation according to the parameters selected by the citizen.
Exportation of consulted data to Excel or text files.

What do I need to do

Only select the parameters for which you wish to consult statistical data.

Please remember

To create customised reports, users should select the data that they need in three consecutive steps:

  1. Choose the statistical area from the existing areas. The area selected will establish the variables available, in addition to cross-referencing and applying the filters available.
  2. Choosing variables of quantity and classification. In the second step, users will define:

    • Variables of quantity: the information to be consulted can be selected from the variables offered. One or more of the available variables can be selected. The programme will disable options where cross-referencing is not possible.
    • Rows and columns (variables of classification): The user will select the variables through which the information requested will be displayed. The values of the selected variables will appear in the headings of the rows and columns.
  3. Establishing filters to apply to the information. In this third and final step, the user can ensure that the information requested in line with the previous parameters will correspond to a given group.
    >Once these three steps have been completed, and after responding to the question asked (captcha set up to delete automated consultations), the screen will show the information according to the parameters set by the user, who can export it to their own computer in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or aCSV file.

Next steps

Users may submit their queries or comments via the Consultation Mailbox.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

Access the Service

  • Digital
  • Username +
    Username +
    Password (Cl@ve
  • Cl@ve
  • No
  • Via SMS
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