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Through this service you can estimate the amount of your future pension.

About this procedure

Who it is for

For all citizens.

What you can do

Calculate an estimate of the amount of your future retirement pension, except for the Special Scheme for Seafarers due to its specifics.

What you need to do it

Enter the requested data, using the "help" option when necessary to ensure that the correct information is filled in. Among the requested data, you must enter periods of registration in Social Security as well as the contribution bases from recent years. If you do not have this, or additional information is needed to calculate the pension,  you must first:

Request an employment history report and contribution bases report which can be obtained in the following ways:

Please note

The service uses only the information entered by the user, so that the result obtained cannot in any way lead to Social Security entitlement or obligations.

If contributions have been made during the years required for calculating the base rate, depending on the date of retirement, per maximum or minimum base, no additional information will be needed for the contribution bases as the programme automatically includes the bases.

According to the information entered, the system will determine:

  • The Social Security scheme through which the retirement pension is recognised.
  • The pension base rate (which is calculated based on the contribution bases entered by the user; these bases are automatically updated by the system with the real Consumer Price Index in order to estimate a retirement pension up to two years in the future and with 2% annual indices to estimate a retirement pension three or more years in the future).
  • The percentage applicable to the base rate (which is calculated based on the legal standard retirement age applicable in each case and on the certified contribution period).

This application deals with all modalities of retirement except for Partial Retirement, and also detects conditions in which the previous legislation applies, and performs the corresponding calculation.

Next steps

Once the required data is entered and the calculations performed, a detailed report is obtained with the estimated pension amount, which is of an informative nature and does not grant entitlements.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

Access the Service

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  • Username +
    Username +
    Password (Cl@ve
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  • Via SMS
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