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About this procedure

Who it is for

Workers included in the General Scheme, Special Systems and in the Special Schemes of the Social Security System.

What you can do


  • Immediately view and consult the report.
  • Download in PDF.
  • Print.


If accessed without a digital certificate you can fill in a request form to send via post.

Please note

The starting date of the supply period will be considered as January 1997, regardless of the fact that requests may be made for previous periods, after 06/1980.

Should you observe any problem in the data contained in the report, you can report it by accessing the service Request rectification of the contribution basis report.

If accessed without a digital certificate all data entered on the form must coincide with that included in the database of the Social Security Treasury General. If they are not the same, the report will not be sent.

Report content:

  • Personal information: Social Security number and identification document (DNI, passport, NIE) of the worker.
  • Payment period: month and year corresponding to the bases.
  • Social Security Scheme to which the bases correspond:
    • Workers included in the General Scheme and in its Special Systems (Special Agricultural System and General Scheme Special System, among others), employees in the Special Scheme for Seafarers and those included in the Special Scheme for Coal Mining: the contribution account code (CCC) and the registered name of the company or companies for which they have worked in each one of the payment periods are identified.
    • Workers included in the Special Scheme for self-employed workers or freelancers, self-employed workers included in the Special Scheme for Sea Workers, Commercial Representatives and the signatories of Special Agreements: the Social Security Scheme, or where appropriate, the worker group, to which the contribution bases correspond in each of the payment periods is identified.
    • Performing artists and bullfighting professionals: the worker group is identified and the contribution bases are stated following the annual standardisation.
  • Contribution bases: The amounts of the contribution bases declared by companies and/or contribution bases where the worker has had to make contributions to the Special Schemes and/or Systems, if the worker is responsible for paying contributions for the corresponding payment period.
    In fixed contribution special regimes, the information provided in the report does not suppose payment of the fees (self-employed workers and special agreements).

Next steps

  • If accessed without a digital certificate, once the form is filled out you will receive a reference number to be used to consult the request's status.
  • Information on the request's status will be received via email.
  • 24 hours after receiving the information via email, you can access the service Consult the status of report request.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

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