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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version of the service will be discontinued in the near future. You can continue to access it through the following services:

A new version of the A004 and A006 services, with a change in the information it provides, will come into service from23 April . The new format of the response files can be seen in the respective documents with the Request-Response File Format for each service that can be found in the Attached Documentationsection.

From next June, a new version of the A008 services will be put into service, and changing from being a service that provides information on the average workforce of a company in the three years prior to the processing date of the file to which this information referring to the average workforce of the company in the period specified in the request with a date from and a date to, without the date from being five years earlier than the file processing date.
This modification to the nature of the service provided results in the following change in record 3 of the details of the request file that users must fill in to be able to provide them with the information:

  • Instead of CCC, a NIF shall be entered.

  • A Date From and a Date To in the format YYYYYMMDD (year, month, day) shall be continuously entered on the same line of the file.

  • E.g. Detailed Type 3 record in accordance with these changes: 390A0000000A20190101202010101.

This service allows the TGSS or the INSS to transfer certain data needed by other Public Administration Departments and Bodies to perform their duties, subject to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December (BOE 14/12) and Law 40/2015 of 1 October on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector. The request must be made via a text file and the response will be received in a file of the same type.

About this procedure

Who it is for

  • Entities and Bodies with legal status, with the exception of the Central Administration of the Autonomous Regions, which can grant said powers to the regional Ministries or Bodies of a similar rank, and the General State Administration, which can grant said powers to bodies of ranks no lower than General Management.
  • In the case of the INSS, registration licences are awarded by the General State Administration, Regional Ministries of the Autonomous Regions and Local Councils. Regional public organisations attached to said bodies may not request registration.
    However, proposed users may belong to a regional body below the applicant body, provided they are civil servants.

What you can do

Depending on the type of information you wish to obtain, it needs to be requested from one or a number of the following data transfer services.

  • TGSS:
    • R001 - Report of Having Paid Social Security Contributions. Information service where organisations can enquire whether third parties are in arrears with their Social Security payments.
    • A002 - Company employment data report.  This services provides information on the list of workers registered to a Contribution Account Code (CCC) during a specific period. IFI software is required.
    • A003 - Accreditation of self-employed agricultural activity.  This service enables a report to be generated accrediting the agricultural activity of a self-employed worker on a specific date or during a specific period.
    • A004 - Current worker situation Report. This service enables a report to be generated on the status of the application in the General Affiliation File on the date of the request.
    • A006 - Working Life Report of up to 12 months in the last seven years. Allows you to obtain information about the working life of a citizen registered with the Social Security during a period of up to 12 months from the date requested by the user provided the user is within the last   seven years.
    • A007 - Affiliation Report for a specific date. This service enables you to view or obtain a report that indicates only YES or NO regarding whether the person with the identifier was registered as working on a specific date. One of the following messages will be displayed, as appropriate:
      • Identifier does not exist in the database.
      • Identifier is duplicated in the database.
      • Incorrect identifier / incorrect format
    • A008 - Average annual number of affiliated workers report. This service allows you to consult or obtain a report on the average number of workers who have remained affiliated during the period stated in the request, taking into account that this period should not exceed one year and should be within the last five years.
    • A009 - Tax debtor Report. This service enables you to obtain a report, for the purpose of the collection of tax arrears only, of worker information for workers registered as working in companies or self-employed
    • A010 - Report on working day reduction due to Covid19 at the request of the worker. This service provides a report on whether workers on whom information is requested have reduced working hours and by what percentage, at the request of the worker, due to the Covid19 epidemic.
  • INSS:
    • P001 - Pensioner Report for tax purposes. Service informing the requesting body whether third parties are pensioners with the Social Security system for the purposes of fulfilling tax obligations under its jurisdiction.
    • P002- Report on pensioners with current amounts and consent of the interested party. Service that provides information to the requesting party, so they can manage their responsibilities, about the rate and current amount and amount in previous years of the Social Security system's pensions, as well as the rate and current amount of the benefits managed by outside bodies that appear in the Register of Public Social Services.
    • P003 - Pensioner Report with current and previous amounts and individual's consent. Service that provides information to the requesting party, so that it can manage its responsibilities, about the rate and current amount and amount in previous years of the Social Security system's pensions, as well as the rate and current amount of the benefits managed by outside bodies that appear in the Register of Public Social Services.

What you need to do it

Public Administration Departments and Bodies must get approval to access the data transfer services, and their civil servants or employees must have the respective permits to access each service.

Please note

To request one of the data transfer services, you need to indicate the object and purpose of the information you wish to obtain if it is not something that is common to all of them (awarding of grants and subsidies, tender procedures or administrative contracts, tax collection, etc.), regardless of what else is required in each of the information request files.

If the object and purpose subsequently change, this must be reported to the Entity (TGSS/ INSS) responsible for the service provided.

Files signed with certificates generated by Social Security (PDF, XAdES, CAdES and PKCS#7 formats) may be validated by the Signature and certificate verification service.

To access this service check you have the necessary technical requirements.

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